Interaction Design

I’ve designed web applications, complex software applications, small screen and touch screen interfaces, and web sites. Through these projects I’ve mastered a user centered design process that can make your project successful.


Creating the initial concepts is fun. I’d love to work with your team and brainstorm some concept ideas, and then take them away to develop them further then get your feedback and do some concept testing with your users. While I can do this on my own, my ideal approach is to:

  • Facilitate and participate in an ideation meeting with your team to come up with a few concepts
  • Refine the concepts and review and evaluate them with you
  • Select a couple concepts to test with your audience

Information Architecture

Often it is not the complex tasks that cause people problems with technology, it’s knowing and finding what they are looking for.  I can help you define and test the information architecture of your web site or application.


Wireframes start to bring your concept and information architecture to life. When you lay things out on the screen, formerly great ideas can fall apart and better ideas emerge. I’ll put together high level conceptual wireframes or very detailed designs depending on the what you need for each phase of your project.


An idea may look great on paper but you need to play with it, and test it with your customer work with it to know if it really delivers.  I can help you create paper prototypes and low-fidelity click-able prototypes to make sure that what looks great on paper really works BEFORE you’ve invested time and money into coding.

Design Documentation

One of the keys to successfully implementing a design is good design documentation. I can provide whatever works best for your team. I’m adept at writing

  • Detailed annotated wireframes
  • User Interface Specifications
  • Requirements documents
  • Functional specifications

I can work with your template and requirements or one of my proven documentation styles

Design Guidelines

Consistency is important. I can help you put together design guidelines that you can apply to each incremental project to help keep your product cohesive and useable.