Like everything else writing works best when you start with the audience. That’s where I come in. I’ll work with you to ensure I understand who I am writing for, and that any copy I create hits the mark with your audience.  I’ve written about consumer and B to B software, analytical instruments, consumer electronics, telecommunications and more. I can write about your products and services too.

White Papers

71% percent of technology buyers prefer white papers to brochures and other sales literature. 69% of prospects who like your white paper will pass it on to colleagues.*

But you can’t just write a few pages about your product, slap a cover page on it and expect the sales leads to start rolling in. You have to give your customers something of value, and in return they will give you their respect and ultimately their business.

I can help you create a well crafted white paper that speaks to your customers’ interests. I specialize in writing tight copy that addresses the concerns your customers are thinking about today. You supply the subject matter expertise, let’s talk about who your customers are, and then I’ll provide the  compelling copy that will make your white paper a key resource in your lead generation plan.

Technical Writing: Manuals, Help Files, FAQs

In a recent survey that I conducted, 43% of people said they go to product documentation FIRST when they have problems with a technology product.  Google, and the company’s web site rounded out the top 3 information sources.  How much money could you save if your customers found the answers they needed in your manuals, help files, FAQs or other knowledge base?

Very few people read the product documentation cover-to-cover, but they do refer to it when they have a problem.

I have 20 years experience designing, writing, and editing manuals to make sure they answer the questions your customers are asking BEFORE they call your support line. I know how to organize information so people can find it,  I can repurpose content so it can be reused in multiple formats and most importantly of all, I know how to write technical information so it speaks to your audience.

Web Content

Are you feeling a bit lost as you contemplate how to make your web content relevant for your readers, easily scanable with key info above the fold — all while making sure your pages are optimized for search engines?

Whether writing copy for a corporate web site, blog, or e-zine article, engaging your audience, keeping them away from the Back button, and making sure they find you in the first place can be tricky. I can help you create copy that keeps both your readers and search engines happy. I can help you target your audience, figure out which keywords to focus on and then write engaging copy.


Have you got all of the areas outlined above covered? Looking for second set of unbiased eyes to help you tighten it up and pull it together? Need some substantive or copy editing? I can help. For 20 years I’ve worked with new and experienced writers helping them pull their writing together into clear, precise text that fulfills it’s intended purpose.


* Connecting Through Content: Issue One. KnowledgeStorm Inc.,  March 2007.