Usability & User Experience


This is an example of a high tech persona I wrote based on customer interviews and observation.
Sample Persona

UI Style Guide

This is taken from a UI style guide written for an audience of contract UI designers, developers and subject matter experts in a company that wanted interaction and visual consistency across a large suite of software products.

UI Style Guide Example

Usability/User Research

The incredible Dianne Howie and I put together this presentation for the 2009 Web Strategy Summit. It outlines some of the user research approaches I implemented for Logitech’s Harmony Remote Control division. The presentation uses examples of work done by Dianne, myself and Projekt202.
Going Beyond Web Analytics

 Interaction Design

UI designs don’t lend themselves to a screen or two posted on a portfolio site. If you are interested in seeing some of the design work I’ve done, drop me a line at heather (at) heathersearl (dot) com, and let’s set up a time to walk through some of the work I’ve done.